Hot Chocolate Calla Lily Bulb

Hot Chocolate Calla Lily Bulb
Hot Chocolate Calla Lily Bulb


Hot Chocolate calla lily bulbs are the newest and best performing black calla lily in the world. Very good production for a black calla lily. Hot Chocolate is a patented calla lily variety and is protected against propagation by international law. Hot Chocolate calla lilly bulbs are not available to commercial growers without a signed commercial patent agreement. For retail sales, hot chocolate calla lily bulbs are not to be propagated for sale or distribution of any kind.

Product Category: Calla Lily Bulbs
Product Type: ZCallas Patented Variety
Flower Production: Moderate
Flower Height: Tall
Flowering Season: Late
Ship Date: Mid-March through July
Leaves: Spotted (maculated)
Growing Requirements: Cool
Condition Requirements: Sunny, well-draining soil
Hardiness Zones with no extra protection: 8-10
Hardiness Zones with protection (mulch, planted by structure, well-draining soil): 6-10
Hardiness Zones as patio plant or lifting tubers in fall: All
Commercial Uses: Cut & Pot Production
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