Chianti Calla Lily Bulb

Chianti Calla Lily Bulb

Purple Calla Lily Bulb

Product Description

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Chianti calla lilies are trademarked by their deep vivid chianti / purple color and high calla lily flower production. Because chianti calla lily plants are more compact and more prolific than average they make great calla lily pots. Order your chianti calla lily bulbs today.

Product Category: Calla Lily Bulbs
Product Type: ZCallas Premium Variety
Flower Production: High
Flower Height: Medium
Flowering Season: Early
Ship Date: Mid-March through July
Leaves: Spotted (maculated)
Growing Requirements: Cool
Condition Requirements: Sunny, well-draining soil
Hardiness Zones with no extra protection: 8-10
Hardiness Zones with protection (mulch, planted by structure, well-draining soil): 6-10
Hardiness Zones as patio plant or lifting tubers in fall: All
Commercial Uses: Cut & Pot Production