Pink Persuasion Calla Lily Bulbs

Pink Persuasion Calla Lily Bulb

Dark Pink Calla Lily Bulb

Product Description

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Pink persuasion calla lily bulbs produce a good amount of moderately sized pink calla lily flowers. Pink persuasion calla lily flowers are well shaped and bloom well. Order your pink calla lily flowers today.

Product Category: Calla Lily Bulbs
Product Type: ZCallas Premium Variety
Flower Production: High
Flower Height: Tall
Flowering Season: Early
Ship Date: Mid-March through July
Leaves: Spotted (maculated)
Growing Requirements: Cool
Condition Requirements: Sunny, well-draining soil
Hardiness Zones with no extra protection: 8-10
Hardiness Zones with protection (mulch, planted by structure, well-draining soil): 6-10
Hardiness Zones as patio plant or lifting tubers in fall: All
Commercial Uses: Cut & Pot Production